My name is Lisa.

I'm a filmmaker based in NYC.

Originally from New Hampshire, I started making short films and documentaries in high school, when I was also involved in programs at the Manhattan School of Cinema and the New Hampshire Film Festival.

I attended New York University where I studied Film & Television Production. After college, I did extensive PA, Assistant Camera, and DP work in New York and New England. I've worked with Olivia Wingate Artists, worked in development at Senza Pictures, was Head of Production at Kornhaber Brown, and am currently Development Producer at Conde Nast Entertainment.

Over the past 10 years, I've independently made 2 feature-length documentaries, over a dozen short comedic films, as well as a 37-episode comedic web series. I (always) have multiple short and feature length projects in various stages of development and production. 

You can find more of my personal work at

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